When you get something from Mercenary® – that thing should change your life, preferably, by punishing your assumptions on what good music sounds like – it should sound *good*.

Our aim is the same as it ever was… to provide you with tools that make your life better and easier.

As time has rolled on and more folks discovered us, we have found that we need to define things a bit better. While we are here to help anyway we can, we also have family’s to feed [and drug habits… uh… no, families to feed, yeah, that’s it] so we do have to get a bit ‘Johnny Corporate’ from time to time but we will sincerely try to keep that to an absolute minimum. Most folks are way cool, some just need it spelled out, which is what this page is all about.‍

We’re a web store. The price on the website is the price for the item. There’s no “call for price” hassles…you’re not going to “talk anyone down” by calling the shop and breaking balls… so don’t bother trying to call for “the best fabulous low price”. Nobody here owns a plaid sport coat, nor do we have any idea how to sell used cars.

If you have a question about a product, feel free to call. If you have a question about what a product may do, an application for a product, a suggestion for a technique… call. We’re definitely all about those kinds of questions in phonecall format.

Mercenary® is currently owned by Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.

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